How We Work

Why? We always begin with this question, and continue asking ‘why’ until we get answers that help us identify the root causes that have contributed to the development of your symptoms and sub-optimal health.

When Was The Last Time You Felt 100%?

Take a moment to ask yourself this question…

Perhaps you're not sleeping so well, getting sick more often, experiencing frequent headaches or digestive trouble, energy levels aren't great, you can't seem to beat those cravings, tried every diet imaginable and the weight isn't shifting, or stress is just getting the better of you?

These are just some symptoms that are becoming increasingly common in today's busy lifestyles but the truth is, they are signs that a body in a state of imbalance or ‘dis-ease’. If they persist over time, these seemingly minor complaints can have a increased potential to promote a setting for the development of chronic illness in the future.

How would you like to invest in your health?

‘Our lives have changed in many, many ways: from the foods we eat, to the way we are born, the way we spend our days, the medications we consume, and the environmental stressors we are exposed to...’

— Tieraona Low Dog, M.D.

What Can You Expect

We start by listening to what matters to you

Our work is always about you. We spend a lot of time listening to your story – your current health concerns, your past health history, what you have observed and what you think may be contributing to your state of health. All of this valuable insformation forms the context for your clinical assessment.

We help you take control of your own health

Understanding your condition can a powerful motivator to help you get better. We also provide you with the knowledge and understanding of your body so that you learn to make the right choices for yourself.

We respond to the dynamic demands of your life

We work together with you to design programmes that are realistic, sustainable and built to work and evolve in tandem with your life's changing needs and commitments.

We help you create your ‘big picture’ wellness strategy

We believe that optimal wellness is not the result healthy and balanced lifestyle dietary choices alone. We help you consider other therapies that may be suitable at that particular point in your health journey – both conventional and complimentary alike – to help you get all-round care that you deserve.

Bespoke Nutrition & Wellness Programme

Initial Consultation

You benefit from:

  • Integrative approach & personalised care
  • Pre-consultation evaluation & research of your case
  • 90mins face-to-face consultation
  • In-depth functional health assessment
  • Having the opportunity to tell your story
  • Explanations for your presenting health health concerns and awareness of the latest and most relevant scientific literature
  • Functional testing and nutritional supplementation recommendations as appropriate
  • A bespoke nutrition & lifestyle programme including recommendations for example food plans and recipes, formulated specifically to help you achieve your goals
  • Post-consultation summary report that covers the scientific, evidence-based rationale behind the dietary, nutritional supplementation, functional testing, and lifestyle recommendations
  • A plan for your personal health and wellness timeline

Follow-up Consultations

You benefit from:

  • Integrative approach & personalised care
  • 60mins face-to-face consultation
  • Additional research of your case as needed
  • Tracking and monitoring the changes in your symptoms and improvements
  • Explanations of any functional test results and how these inform changes to your programme
  • Post-consultation revision of your bespoke nutrition & wellness programme to better suit your needs
  • Further functional testing and nutritional supplementation recommendations as appropriate
  • A review of your personal health and wellness timeline

Other Services on Request

  • Online Consultations
  • Bespoke Packages & Functional Health Checkups
  • Basic Consultation & Personalised Dietary Analysis
  • Professional Nutrition Consultancy

Functional Medicine Model

We view your body as a set of interconnected functional systems, which is quite different to conventional medicine which separates the body into individual organs. The reality is that the human body is complex – designed to be viewed as a whole!

To find out more about the Functional Medicine Model, click the information icons on the image below [1].

Tree Top
Tree Upper Middle
Tree Lower Middle
Tree Bottom

Providing You With The Best Care

Nutritional Support

Personalised Nutritional Support

Food is perhaps the most critical to health and vitality because it speaks to and interacts with your genes. We always begin with intelligent nutritional plans that are designed to help you eat smarter, and in a way that strives for optimal function. We also believe in recommending nutritional supplementation of the highest quality available. We prioritise therapeutic grade formulations that are practical, bioavailable, and backed by clinical evidence in their efficacy and mechanism of action. We always choose products that contain minimal additives.

If required, we can also recommend pharmaceutical grade herbal preparations.

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Advanced Laboratory Testing

Advanced Laboratory Testing

We work with the word's leading, research-led laboratories to provide you with the most relevant testing that enables us to understand how your body working at a biochemical level. Testing guides the clinical decision making process, helps to assess progress, and can also provide motivation to help with compliance.

These labs specialise in different fields including: autoimmunity, allergy and food sensitivities, blood chemistry, brain health, coeliac and gluten-related sensitivities, gastrointestinal health, hormones, nutritional status, immunology, cardiometabolic, and toxins.

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Nutrigenic Testing

Nutrigenetic Testing & Analysis

We believe in recommending nutritional supplementation of the highest quality available. We priorities therapeutic grade formulations that are practical, bioavailable, and backed by clinical evidence in their efficacy and mechanism of action. We always choose products that contain minimal additives.

Professional genetic testing and analysis helps to inform programmes that are truly personalised. We only use labs that prioritise actionable information and can help you analyse and interpret well-researched genetic markers that may have an impact on your day-to-day diet and lifestyle choices.

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Integrative Healthcare Network

Integrative Healthcare Network

We believe in an integrative approach to your health and wellbeing offers the greatest potential for helping you realise your true potential for lifelong health and vitality.

We work closely with a network of trusted expert medical and specialist practitioners to provide you with the best care possible.

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