Chronic Conditions

We can help you put together a proactive and preventative healthcare strategy or help you manage your chronic condition. Our aim is to help you understand your condition and offer you solutions to regain the health you deserve.


Chronic conditions can not only be managed through nutrition and lifestyle changes, but with the right approach, many can also improve. Fundamental and persistent factors are often overlooked in the conventional medical model such as nutritional status, silent inflammation, chronic stress and autoimmune processes. The Functional Medicine approach can take a a little more and patience, but your health is your most precious resource and very worth it.

Who can benefit?

Individuals who have been experiencing unexplained or long-term poor health and wish to get to the root causes of their signs and symptoms. Symptoms can range extensively and may include:

  • Increasing fatigue; memory issues, hot flushes and night sweats
  • Poor sleep; headaches, migraines, aches & pain; and brain fog.
  • Hormone, digestive; mood & depression, skin issues e.g. acne, eczema, dermatitis, hives and psoraisis
  • Weight gain & loss, and thyroid health problems
  • Recovery from injury or surgery

Which tests may be recommended?

Your signs and symptoms are carefully taken into account to help guide investigative testing. Gut function and integrity, nutritional and metabolic status, and stress response are commonly suggested as baseline functional tests. We frequently assess non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, food/chemical sensitivities and cross-reactivity. Tests obtained from your primary physician can also help inform the bigger clinical picture.

How long until I start to feel better?

It's not uncommon for a chronic condition to have been ongoing for years, sometimes decades. Typically this can be 6-12 months or sometimes longer. Timescales are very individual and may be determined by a few factors: how long an individual has been ill, how committed and compliant they are to following recommended dietary and lifestyle changes, and their response to these recommendations.


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