Proactive Fertility & Prenatal Care

The positive (or negative) impact nutrition has on a child's health status begins with the mother, well before conception. Provide your baby with the best start to life by nourishing and caring for yourself before embarking on one of life's most important experiences.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is planning for a baby – men and women alike. We also offer special guidance and support for women may be experiencing difficulty conceiving or have had miscarriages.

Which tests may be recommended?

Because the mother's nutritional status is paramount to the health of her baby, we frequently recommend a comprehensive nutritional and metabolic profile which assesses nutritional status (vitamin, mineral and essential fatty acids), digestive function, antioxidant balance, neurotransmitter metabolism, energy production, and toxic elements. We may also recommend adrenal and sex hormone testing because management of stress is very central to pre-conceptual health. We may also consider other testing including a comprehensive stool test, thyroid panel, as well as markers for assessing ovarian function and reserve such as Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH).

How long until I start to feel better?

For healthy individuals with no health issues, a minimum of 3 months is recommended. For individuals who have concurrent health concerns or women who are experiencing difficulty conceiving we recommend committing to 3-12 months.


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